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Taxes in Retirement Masterclass

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Meet your host David Schlossberg!
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🔥 Master Your Taxes in Retirement! 📊

Are you ready to pave the way for a financially savvy retirement? Join us for an essential event that will empower you to conquer your taxes in retirement: “Taxes in Retirement.”

🗓️ Date: Tuesday, August 8th
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
🏢 Venue: Barrington Park District: Langendorf Park (Sullivan Room A)
📍 Address: 235 Lions Dr, Barrington, IL 60010

🔑 What’s in Store for You:

With the right knowledge, you can take control of your taxes and set the stage for a financially secure retirement. This class is your compass to reduce liabilities, optimize your tax strategy, and inch closer to your financial goals. 🎟️ Secure your spot now! Register Now to ensure you’re armed with the tax wisdom you need. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to enhance your financial prowess. Join us for “Taxes in Retirement” and embrace a future free from tax uncertainties!

David Schlossberg,
Senior Partner

REGISTERED FINANCIAL CONSULTANT™ professional (RFC™), Certified Estate Planner, Certified 401(k) Professional™ (C[k]P™), a member of the Society of Senior Advisors

David  is a seasoned veteran in the financial services arena, boasting years of invaluable experience that have honed his expertise to a fine edge. A true harbinger of practical wisdom, David artfully weaves real-life narratives into his teachings, transforming intricate financial concepts into relatable tales that resonate with clients and followers alike. His dedication to education is unwavering, as he fearlessly tackles the most pressing and complex financial quandaries that Americans confront daily. With a foundation built on disciplined asset management, an unwavering commitment to independence and objectivity, and a keen embrace of cutting-edge technology, David Schlossberg stands as a beacon of financial enlightenment, guiding individuals toward a more secure and prosperous future.